Thursday, May 27, 2010

Podcasting (Gabcast)

Podcast what is it? Well I have never used or made a podcast in my life but I have looked up a few and realized it is similar to the radio. It is also very much like a blog but there is more personality to it. With podcast you do not have to carefully word what you are saying in order to get a certain emotion across. You can hear all the personality and emotion in a person's voice. Podcast are very versatile and convenient. You can listen to what you want whenever you want.

Like I said before I have never done or even listened to a podcast before this so I will tell you what I did for my first one. I went to the Gabcast website and set up an account. Then I set up a channel. I found this not difficult but complex there were several options and things to choose from which I need to explore more in depth. It is time to do my first podcast and I am very nervous mainly because I dislike talking on the phone and calling places. I work at a pizza place and I can't even call and order pizza. The website is very straight forward there are several numbers listed depending on your location. You call the number or you can use skype and enter in your password you set up when making your channel and you start talking about whatever you want. Also when you first sign up they give you five minutes but you have to pay for more minutes if you need them in the future. They have package deals for very reasonable prices. I decided to focus my podcast on emotions since I think podcast are a good way to express emotions.

Here is the link to my first podcast:

So here are some tips that might help you. What I did for my podcast is I typed out what I was going to say before I actually called in and preformed my podcast. It helped me stay on track and remember what I wanted to say also it helped me organize my thoughts. I didn't follow it word for word it was more like an outline. The only other advice I can give you is listen over what you have said before you post it and don't expect perfection I tripped over a word or two in mine but I thought the rest was good so I kept my third take. I hope you enjoyed my podcast. :)


  1. I liked how you demonstrated how emotion is better communicated with podcast than with just a written blog. The narrative was a little muffled, which could have been the sound system at my end, but I'd encourage more practice on enunciation. Speaking into a microphone tends to muffle our words, so when making a recording we have to be more aware of that. (Life lesson learned the hard way!)

  2. Very creative idea for your podcast...Great tips too! Good job! :)