Thursday, June 3, 2010

Critical Thinking

I found the article Teachers & Technology: English with an Edge to be a very interesting explanation of an end of the year project for seniors. I thought it was a wonderful way to teach about satire and I would love to use this idea in my classroom one day. Making a fun video to demonstrate satire using up to date technology allows high school students to be themselves and feel comfortable with the equipment they are using in order to have a successful project.
One huge question I had after reading this article was why is the use of technology so important to the assignment? After going through the article a few more times and really thinking about it I realized that technology is the most important part of the project. They wanted to show satire and a video is the perfect way to do that and to learn about satire in a different way. Video is a simple way to bring out emotion in the viewer because when you put a picture with the words you are saying it is easier for a person to process. Also for this project it is a good way to show sarcasm and stereotypes in order to get a laugh and a point across.
A quote that stood out to me the most in this article was “We brainstorm awards categories for our RIDDYS, and acronym for Ridiculing Ignorance & Debunking Degenerate Yankee Schlock.” This stuck out to me so much because I could not believe how clever RIDDYS was. I enjoyed how it explains satire the topic they are studying and also it sounds like something a teenager would say and would be excited about. Just from reading this one line you can already tell that this is a student run project and you can see why the students get so excited about participating in making and showing their videos.
This article reminds me of the book “See You When You Get There” that I read for one of my other educations class. Both readings really showed me how amazing teachers are. They are extraordinary and they have the most amazing ideas on how to teach students in different ways instead of just sticking to the norm. They are outgoing, fearless, and risk getting in trouble for teaching the way they do just to get through their students. These stories inspire me and I hope to have a story of my own of something crazy I did for my students.
I can relate to this article because when I was in high school I had an economics teacher who taught us a little differently. He gave us the choice to learn from the book or do a project. Of course as students we all pick the project. We were told to create something to sell we decided to make corn hole sets and we even got a grant so we made a profit. We made everything by hand and learned everything we needed to know about economics by doing it and our teacher telling the use the correct book terms of what we were doing. It was my favorite class and helped me with my senioritis. He took a risk and trusted us by giving us responsibility and we did not let him down. I think it is the same situation with the satire videos it was a little risky but was worth it because it inspired the students to learn and have fun while doing it
This article was very interesting and inspiring. It shows that you really can have fun in your classroom. It also shows that if you try hard enough and be creative you will be able to reach out to your students and get them involved. When I become a teacher I hope to make every project as fun and interesting as possible. I want my students to enjoy what they are learning and to have fun. That is the way it should be and I think some teachers have forgotten that teaching is not just lectures and completing the state standards it is about reaching out to the students and helping them to have a successful future.

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  1. Good analysis on "why is technology important?" The values you listed can also be depicted simply on a stage or in front of the class, but technology enables publication (i.e. you-tube) for later viewing and for viewing by a larger audience. Good analysis!